Frequently Asked Questions


TEPNG CPFA is a closed pension fund administrator duly licensed by the National Pension Commission responsible for managing the TotalEnergies EP Nigeria CPFA Staff Non- Contributory defined benefits Pension Fund Scheme according to the provisions of the Trust Deed and Regulations executed by TEPNG in line with the Pension Reform Act 2014.

What else does TEPNG CPFA do?

TEPNG CPFA is also responsible for the following;

  • Ensuring that Exit Benefits and monthly Pension salary of Pensioners are paid promptly and efficiently.
  • The custody of pensioners hard copy mails; pensioners are to stop by regularly to check on and collect them from our office -5th Floor 35 Kofo Abayomi Street Victoria Island Lagos.
  • Organising a Stakeholders Forum with our members; usually done at one of each of the 4 Pensioner zones (Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri and Obagi) once every year. Here Members of the Scheme are kept abreast on the affairs of TEPNG CPFA in the current year and interactive sessions are held between them and the representatives from the Company.
  • Ensuring completion of an Annual Verification exercise of all pensioners under the scheme.
  • Operation of an Interactive membership helpdesk line on 01 2776238 for any enquires.
  • Performing any other tasks as required by the Founding Company and member companies in line with the Pension Reform Act of 2014.

As a member of the Non- Contributory Scheme of the Founding Company, when am I pensionable?

A member is pensionable when he/she hasfifteen (15) years or more of accredited service and if one of the following events occur;

  • When the member attains age 45years.
  • On medical evidence from a qualified physician or properly constituted medical board ascertaining that the member is not physically and mentally capable of rendering service on health grounds.
  • If a member is totally or permanently disabled.
  • On compulsory retirement for the purpose of facilitating improvements in the

What is the mandated retirement age of the founding company?

From the 1st of January 2015, a member shall retire from the Company service on his 60th Birthday or on his 35th Year of service Anniversary - whichever one comes first.

How is the Normal Pension Benefit determined?

The Normal Pension Benefit is determined thus; 2%* Pensionable Salary x Accredited Service .Notwithstanding the Founding company may provide other benefits and end of service benefits to their employees.

What is Pension Commutation?

This is an optional benefit at retirement, where a member may decide to commute a maximum of 25 %(or such a maximum as stipulated by PENCOM) of his/her pension for immediate lump sum cash benefits at the time of retirement. Payment of a retired member’s commutation will reduce his annual pension payable for life. It is established thus;
Commutation Percentage * Annual Pension * Commutation Factor

As an active member of the Non- Contributory defined benefit scheme, what does TEPNG CPFA require of me at least 3 months to my retirement date?

You are required by TEPNG CPFA to complete the Pensioner Personal Data Form in order for the CPFA to have all your personal details before retirement.

Where a member opts out the scheme before the Pensionable period what happens?

In this case the transfer value of his/her accrued Pension Right in respect of his /her qualifying Company Service from January 1st 2005 shall be calculated as below and paid to him/her;

  • 2% * Pensionable Salary * PRA Accredited Service * Transfer Value Factor.

What happens to the pension benefits of a deceased member?

A deceased member who has completed years of accredited service and is qualified to receive pension will have his pension benefits paid to his registered next of kin/designated survivors.

As a member of the scheme, on the TEPNG CPFA website, how do I login to view my CPFA membership profile?

You go to, click in the center of the large key below, under the header LOGIN MEMBERS ONLY. Put in your user name (Your IGG Number) and your password. If you do not have a valid login, call our helpdesk line- 01 2776238 or send an email to for further assistance.

Once I am logged on to my membership profile on the TEPNG CPFA website, how do I pre-calculate my determined pension?

Once logged on as above; you fix in your retirement date and 25% Commutation percentage and your pre-determined commutation and annual pension figures come up. This will however apply only to active members who have fifteen (15) years or more of accredited service.

Who do I contact for enquiries and complaints?

You can reach us on our Help line- 01 2776238 or send us an email on, you must however respond positively to some security questions before any inquiry is resolved.

PENSIONERS’-Frequently asked questions;

As a pensioner under the Scheme, do I have to complete the Pensioner Personal Data form and physically present myself to the TEPNG CPFA office, during the Physical Verification Exercise every year?

Yes you do. Reason being that TEPNG CPFA is mandated by its Regulators- National Pension Commission to carry out a PhysicalVerification Exercise Every year. The Annual Verification Exercise is mandated for the under listed reasons;

1. To determine that every pensioner is alive and toensure that monthly, pensions are being paidto a pensioner who is alive.Any Pensioner not verified or whose status is not determined within the specified verification period will have their pensions suspended until his/her existence is otherwise verified.

2. It is done in order for us to determine the well-being of each pensioner regardless of where the pensioner is located.

3. It is done in order for us to be aware of any changes in the Personal details and records of our pensioners e.g. changes in address, phone numbers, emails, beneficiary and Bank Account details.

4. Keep pensioners updated about changes in the Pension Fund Industry.

Please note that however, a pensioner is only exempted from this on the grounds of;

  • Being physically or mentally unwell / incapacitated. In this case the pensioner will be visited by the Company’s external consultant in order to ascertain this and complete his/her pensioner personal data form.

As a pensioner, can I obtain a pensioner spouse ID card for anyone esle outside my registered spouse?

You are not permitted to obtain a company ID card for anyone else aside your registered spouse even in the event of the death of that spouse.

As a pensioner, how do I obtain my pensioner ID card for easy access into the Founding Company and member companies?

As a pensionerto obtain an ID card, you must physically visit the TEPNG CPFA office to complete a form which must be duly signed by ICT and Admin Manager and you must give reason and proof that you require a new ID Card. For each reason peculiar documentation are required as listed below;

  • In event of loss of an ID card, you must submit awritten notification of the loss and a Police report covering the loss.
  • In event of damage/renewal, you must present the old ID card in order to process the new one.

As a pensioner, is it possible for me to sell my shares acquired while I was still working for the Company?

As a pensioner, you can sell your existing shares.  In order to do this, you will be required to visit the TEPNG CPFA office with your pensioner ID card to obtain, complete and sign a form. This will be passed on to the Founding Company for processing and you will be informed on your remittance in due course.

For further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on our helpdesk line- 01 2776238 and our email;,