In order to further ensure the effectiveness of the Board and special attention to technical issues, the Board has established five sub-committees namely:

1. Investment Strategy Committee (ISC)

The ISC formulates strategies for complying with investment policies and regulatory guidelines, determine optimal investment mix consistent with agreed risk profile, evaluate value of daily marked-to-market portfolios and make recommendations to the Board and periodically the performance of securities in the fund’s investment portfolio.

2. Risk Management Committee (RMC)

The RMC is responsible for determining the risk profile of the Fund’s investment portfolios, defining necessary adjustment programmes and reserve requirements and advising on internal control measures and procedures.

3. Audit Committee (AC)

The AC oversees the audit functions, external and internal; review all financial information/statements and reviews, an auditor's reports, Evaluate their performance, review their fees and recommend to the Board.

4. ICT Steering Committee (ICTSC)

The ICT reviews all ICT policies & practices, reviews the CPFA’s ICT needs and challenges, and approves all communications intended for publication on the CPFA’s internet.

5. Nominations Committee (NC)

The NC makes recommendations to the Board of Directors (BoD) on all appointments and evaluate the performance of the BoD. Evaluates: